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Access Consciousness™ Certified Facilitator, Access Bars™ facilitator, Access Facelifting and Access Body processes facilitator. A facilitator of consciousness and supporting people in their journey back to themselves for more than 19 years.

Also Theta Healer, reflexologist, spiritual mentor, Indian color wheel diagnostics, active meditation guide for big groups and festivals, Facilitator of growth, healing and empowerment processes.

For many years I’ve been a body-mind-spirit healer, I’ve acquired knowledge and experience: I’ve studied in the naturopathic department and took many core classes (pathology, anatomy, medicine, psychology etc.) to get familiarized with the human body’s structure and functions, I’ve learned about healing herbs and supplements. later I’ve discovered I’m interested in the other realms as well and studied healing, crystals and channeling.

I specialize in guiding people through the process of getting rid of limiting patterns and healing from an empowering worldview that allows the client to lead their lives from the ability to choose for themselves, who they are and what works for them.

I have an educator’s degree and spent a few years running daycares- until I realized something else is in store for me- although I didn’t know what that was. From my point of view today I understand that the choice to learn a profession came from the fear to be who I am and follow my abilities. Through that fear, I bought sayings like “a man needs stability in life”, “what about a good profession”, “it’s important to go to school and find a stable job and a pension plan”, “it’s best to be an employee”. Because, just between us, 30 years ago, who wanted to tell people that their child practices weird things like mind-body, souls, consciousness and god knows what. 🙂

After giving birth to my second child I quit my job and started a certification program as a travel agent, a job that had some glam. but I was filled with guilt for leaving home for long hours and a deep realization that in this point in time the best for my toddlers is the most important thing to me. And again, the understanding, that wasn’t completely cognitive yet, that I’m looking for a profession where I can fit into this reality.

At this point I was working mostly in office jobs until a big breakdown in my life pushed me to start my healing journey. after succeeding and healing I started empowering others. In 1999 I began my journey as a healer. From that day on I’ve been following my path: a path of awareness, healing and love. A path that will continue probably till the end of my days.

Along the journey of self discovery, while hopping between mind and body, it became clear to me that this life should be way more simple than I’ve learned to believe. When I’m willing to be who I am, without masks and attempts to fit myself to others expectations, miraculous things can happen. When I allow myself to use my imagination and my knowing, I can choose more accurately what I would like to create here. I always had a deep notion, even during my soul journey and Karma studies, that we have the ability to choose here and now and create a profound change on every level (physical, emotional etc.) even in areas that people think that it’s impossible or won’t work in this reality.

Most of the things I knew were still only on a mind level and not a yet a part of my living. there was a frustrating gap there until..

One day I saw an invitation to an Access Bars class. I didn’t really know what it was all about, I saw something about 32 points and melting away thoughts, feeling and limiting beliefs, but I knew I had to be there! I wasn’t in a good place at that moment in time. I just moved to a new apartment, starting anew after a period of feeling stuck in my practice and having almost zero income. It was a choice between groceries and this class, while knowing I must be there. The first miracle happened after I just said yes, that I’ll come to the Bars class. I got calls from clients in my new town (after months of promotions with no results) that allowed me to pay for the class.

It was a discovery of a new world, a world of simplicity, of clarity. A set of tools that allowed me to melt away all the remaining limitations I’ve put on myself in a desperate attempt to fit into this world. In a month I became a Bars Facilitator, choosing to teach these tools to everyone who was interested. To every person who knew deep down, like me, that life should be happy, light, simple, a life of choice and the freedom to just be. People who believe deep down that taking responsibility on our lives is the greatest gift we can give ourselves, that choosing isn’t scary, rather it opens up more and more possibilities in life. even if it doesn’t feel like that at the moment, giving up fear and living in infinite possibilities- is a choice and it is possible.

Since that night and up to this point in time, I trained hundreds of Bars practitioners and body process practitioners, some of them chose to dive deeper into the Access Consciousness tools, some have become facilitators themselves! And me? I continued to dive deep in my facilitation studies, attending many advanced classes and getting certified by Gary Douglas and Dr. Dain Heer, the founders, as an Access Consciousness® Certified Facilitator to gain more knowledge for me to deliver to my students and to create the life I always knew was possible!

These are the amazing tools I facilitate with nowadays in classes, group events and private sessions:

  • Access Consciousness® Certified Facilitator
  • Access Bars™
  • Access Body Processes™
  • Symphony of Possibility™ sessions by Dr. DAIN HEER
  • Access Consciousness™ Tools
  • Access Facelifting™
  • Groupe session 2hr evenings\mornings on topics like communication, relationship, money, conscious parenting,  kids empowering and more..

I’m a mother of three young-adults, that -patiently- went with me through my journey of development and growth, together with their own. I live in Pardes Hannah and am grateful for the greenery I get to see around me everyday.

I am grateful today for the privilege of accompanying other’s journey back to themselves

People like me and you that at some point in their lives forgot or were afraid to discover who they truly are, what their real wishes are and with what wonderful gifts they have came to this world. I’m grateful for the privilege to see how people begin to shine and smile again after a short process of private sessions or a class that is filled with love.

For the privilege to see children and youth blossom again

How joy and pain can turn into lust for life and productivity. The privilege to see how from great confusion (no matter if in one are in life or many) there can be transformation, growth and fruition. How people stop fearing painful emotions and turn them into a tool leading them to peace, wholeness, productivity and a life filled with happiness. I’m grateful for my choice to follow my heart, even when it was tough. The privilege to be connected to the powerful healing forces of the whole universe, the privilege to pass these tools and abilities on to others, from the true belief that anyone can.

I believe that- We are all one, a bunch of individuals from one source. We are all equal, we all deserve the best. I know we came here to support each other in our journey of healing and growth. That equality isn’t a coarse word. It is possible once we will dare to lower our barriers and masks and open our hearts to love and light.

We each have healing abilities and with the right direction, and goodwill, responsibility and the right tools, anyone can heal themselves, their lives and the people around them. I believe that each person is a healer and patient all at once, all the time. And by choosing to heal one’s pain, the pain of people surrounding the person lessens.

Even if we had forgotten what our personal path is, we can get back to it in any moment in time, it’s never too late. And with simple tools we can all remember how to hear the inner guidance, the voice deep inside that knows how to lead us safely. I know that when we listen to our guides and dare to look inwards, dare to dream and create and imagine, life here is much more pleasant, more simple and filled with love. Theres is no power like the power of allowance and receiving.

I offer private sessions in my office in Pardes Hannah, HaChalutz 2 b, Neve Tut and while traveling all over the world

also you can book a private session by Skype\ Zoom

I teach Access Bars™ and the Access Consciousness Foundation core class, Access Facelifting and different one day classes of the Access Body Processes.





Access Bars Class 350$\300 eur (Global pricing & age pricing available ask me about childrens)

Private session- 160$                                                            אורנה מרום - מנחת אקסס-בארס

Skype \ Zoom Meeting – 130$

Credit cards & Paypal accepted

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אורנה מרום

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מראשוני מנחי השיטה בארץ, שותפה בצוות עבודה אקסס ישראל, בצוות תרגום חומרי אקסס לעברית, ואירוח ד"ר דיין בישראל 2018\2016.
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