Access Bars™: Life could be different after 1 day class 

When is the last time you have smiled, a real smile, that kind that lights up you whole face

When is the last time you did something uncomfortable, that required stepping out of your comfort zone, with ease

How much peace did your body experience lately? And your mind

When is the last time you enjoyed your child

When did you give yourself a moment of silence

If you have always known that life is so much more than just waking up in the morning, going to work and paying the bills, If you walk around with the feeling that you are stuck If there is a gap between what you know is possible and what your reality looks like

!!Never give up

This is an invitation to learn a simple yet powerful tool in a one day class, that can totally change the way your reality looks like.  Or the reality of a family member, or even your children

Access Consciousness™ is a modality that was developed by Gary Douglas and his co-creator Dr. Dain Heer that was designed especially to give you the tools to free yourself from everything that is limiting you and allow you to create your reality so that things start working for you

As a part of this modality the Access Bars™ were developed as a process that releases all of our limitations, our negative emotions, constrictive thoughts, opinions and beliefs that we collected and created throughout our lives. This release happens by erasing and neutralizing the “information”  that is stored in the 32 Bars points on our head. 32 points that each one of them stores certain information that has to do with different aspects of our life

The Access Bars™ technique helped thousands of people around the world change their lives and make them happier, calmer, and allowed them to receive more – in any area of their lives

How Does it work

The Bars is a Hands on process that by placing fingers on those 32 points creates an electromagnetic discharge of thoughts, feelings and emotions that don’t allow us to feel loved, appreciated, happy and valuable. When we melt these points of view and release them from our neuro-electrical system, something new opens up and our choices can be different, since we no longer function from our automatic responses or self judgement

It’s like an antivirus that you run on your operating system and restarts it! How can it be more simple and pleasant? Worst case, after the process you will feel like you had received  the best massage, and best case- your whole life can change into something greater and with total ease

What’s amazing with running the Bars process is that we no longer need to judge ourselves for where we are at and there’s no judgement on what has created our experience. There are only tools that allow us to accept ourselves and allow us to choose from this moment on to be much more present in our lives and create them from what is really true for us. There is no need to take a hard look on our past or to talk a lot. You can just sink in and receive the Bars and things start shifting

Sounds too simple

It’s true! And what if life doesn’t have to be complicated? What if whatever is preventing you from receiving everything you’d like are just points of view that you have bought about this reality and how to function in it, and if you just let go of those points of view, you could be, create and receive everything

Learning the Access Bars

Learning the Bars points is easy and simple to implement, it doesn’t require any prior knowledge and even your children are invited to join

After the one day class, that includes experiencing the Bars, you could start running the Bars the next day on yourself, your family and even on clients

The one day class is 8 hours long

During the class we learn all about the access Bars modality, we will learn the 32 “Bars” points and gift nd receive the process twice with guidance. In addition, each participant will receive a set of tools to expand your awareness and so much more

Each participant will get a chart with the Bars points and a manual that will make it easy to practice at home

Also you will receive a certificate from Access Consciousness LLC and be added to the Access website. that will allow you to start practicing the Bars for your clients if you choose

You can read more about the Bars here

Would you like to have a greater life and living

Class price: 350 USD

Youth ages 14-16- free with accompanying parent.

Youth ages 16-18 half price with accompanying parent.

Repeat price: 175 USD

Payment options: bank transfer, credit card or Paypal

For more details, please contact at

Email: orna@orna-marom.co.il

WhatsApp number: +972-50-2355340