Two zen monks left the village on their way to the temple, a three day walk. They reached a river on the way, where they met a young girl who asked them to help her to cross to other side. The old monk, without hesitation, put the girl on his back and took her to the other side of the river.

Two days later, when the monks reach the temple, the young monk turned to his friend and said: I’ve been thinking about this for two days and still don’t get it, for we are not allowed to touch women, why did you take that girl on your back

The old monk said: I took the girl across the river and left her there- but you on the other hand- are still carrying her on your back for two days.

The moral of the story: there are things you need (to learn) to let go of.

What is the Access Bars 

When we are functioning from points of view of what is possible and what is not possible in life, when we are enslaved to harsh beliefs of the way the world “works”, the space of possibilities is limited and limits our ability to change things. A Bars™ session allows you to melt away everything that limits you and opens up to new ideas and possibilities.

When was the last time you felt that you can actually release the intrusive thoughts

When was the last time you took the time to clear the judgements and never-ending mind chatter

Are you willing to receive

The Access Bars™ method helped thousands of people to change many aspects of their life and bodies.

Including sleep, health, weight, money, sex, relationships, anxiety, stress and so much more. Worst case after Bars you will feel like you just got the best massage, Best case your whole life can change to something grater with total ease.

An Access Bars™ session is very effective for:

Sleep and weight issues

Dealing with anxiety and stress

Dealing with ADHD and different learning disorders

Decision making

Conscious communication and improving relationships

Procrastination and efficiency

Physical and emotional changes during puberty

Improving learning skills and dissipating test anxiety

Removing physical pain

Clearing creative blocks

Access Bars™ method principals

There are 32 points on the head called “the Bars”, every point represents different aspects of life and stores the electromagnetic component of all the thoughts, feelings and emotions that you ever had about that aspect. For instance: there are “Bars” points for control, awareness, creativity, power, aging, healing, body, sexuality and money.

The Bars™ session is simple, non invasive, with no side effects. The practitioner’s energy touches the points on the head gently to release energy that got unconsciously stuck, energy that is running the show without us being able to reach it. The touch frees not only what is locked in the Bars, it also allows the practitioner to receive information about other aspects that are sticking the client, allowing the practitioner to know where to leave the fingers for a longer time, which points to go back to and on which subjects to expand the awareness.   

Releasing the stuck energy is like erasing old computer files. After we have erased these old files- we have more space to create something new and wonderful- five minutes of running Bars can erase years of stored points of view.

Private Access Bars™ Sessions 

Acces Bars™ will leave you with a feeling of peace and calm, like you are ready for a deep sleep. The process is rather dynamic and besides feeling pleasant- it also opens up a door to utilize new possibilities to change your life. When the Bars were ran on children before exams, it had dramatic effects on their results. Pregnant women reported that their birth was much easier. Many people report they finally slept deeply after Bars™, what more can you ask for?

Worst case after Bars you will feel like you just got the best massage, Best case your whole life can change to something grater with total ease.

The process is ran while lying down, fully dressed. The session is 90 minutes long, and the amounts of sessions depends on you! What if one session can change way more than you can imagine?

A Bars session is suitable for anyone, it is not considered a treatment, but an energetic process. its appropriate for any physical and medical condition, for babies and young children. The first session is 90 minutes, fully dressed, partially on the massage table and partially a conversation.

After one session you will start feeling a difference

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 Private session- 160$

Skype \ Zoom Meeting – 130$


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Access Bars Class™

The Access Bars™ class is for:

Practitioners who would like to deepen the results in their practice. The Bars point can go hand in hand with any system that you are already working with.

For parents who are dealing with children that need help with creating inner peace and focus and for parents who believe that children who grow up in a conscious space are allowed to live to their fullest potential and grow up to be happier adults.

For educators who would like to enrich their educational approach and turn it into an approach that encourages personal expression, creativity and honoring.   

Youth: parents who would like to allow their children, 14 and up, to have a tool for life, a tool that will allow them to take responsibility for their choices from a broad worldview that encourages being active and being able to deal with anything.

The one day class is eight hours long

The class provides you with a powerful tool for healing and a certificate from Access Consciousness that allows you to receive payment for your sessions.